Abstract submission and registration procedure

The Monte Verita in Ascona is a special place. And so is the procedure for participating at the Isotopes 2017 conference. The necessary steps are summarized below as well as in the abstract submission and registration flyer.

Contribute to Isotopes 2017 by following the 3 steps below:

  1. Submit an abstract with the Isotopes 2017 abstract template to isotopes2017@eawag.ch
  2. Once we approve your abstract, you will receive an email with the registration code
  3. Afer your registration, you will receive another email with information  all necessary information for booking hotel rooms at the Monte Verità hotel complex.  Optional but nevertheless highly recommended: When booking the hotel room, sign up for the excursion and conference dinner.

Abstract submission & conference format

Submit an abstract using the abstract template fileand send it to isotopes2017@eawag.ch. Abstract submission opens December 1, 2016 and closes on February 1, 2017. Abstracts should not exceed 250 word and can contain one figure or table and references if necessary. Indicate the preferred topic for your session and if the contribution is for oral presentation or poster. The number of oral presentations will be limited to 3-5 contributed talks per conference topic. However, like in a Gordon Research Conference, we will provide extensive time for poster sessions in the afternoons, with ample time for personal interactions and networking. The organizers will select abstracts for oral and poster contributions and inform the prospective participants as soon as possible and not later than February 15, 2017 about their decisions. Note that the number of participants is limited. Questions regarding the procedure and the status of an abstract can be sent to isotopes2017@eawag.ch.

Upon acceptance of the abstract, contributors will receive an email with a link for the registration between February 10 to February 15. This link will lead to the registration platform for Isotopes 2017 provided by ETH Zürich. ETH Zürich collects the registration fees as collection agent for the host (Eawag) and does not provide own services. Registration to Isotopes 2017 includes payment of the conference fee by credit card through the registration platform of ETH Zürich (see screen shots of the registration procedure). Upon successful payment of the registration fee of CHF 275, contributors will receive the conference code, with which they can book a hotel room the Hotel Monte Verita. Contributors are advised to register and book a hotel room as soon as possible after their abstract is accepted.

Registration without abstract submission

There are two ways of registering for the conference without submitting an abstract.

  1. As co-author of an abstract submitted by a presenter. In this case, the presenter should indicate a possible participation of the co-author on the Isotopes 2017 abstract template. The presenter will be asked to submit the email(s) of the co-authors(s). Co-authors will receive registration instructions upon acceptance of the abstract.
  2. For registration without abstract, please send an email to isotopes2017@eawag.ch. In case of an overbooking, priority will given to presenting participants.

Booking a hotel room and signing up for the excursion / conference dinner

Registered participants can book hotel rooms through the website of the Hotel Monte Verita using the conference code. Rooms at the Hotel Monte Verita are limited and we strongly encourage registered participants to make reservations by February 15, 2017, or shortly thereafter, when the hotel room reservation is available. Participants can choose among different rooms. Note that the number of single rooms in the historic Bauhaus hotel is very limited. We encourage participants to share the spacious rooms and to benefit from reduced hotel prices. Additional hotel rooms will be available in the nearby village of Ascona. Please contact the organizers at isotopes2017@eawag.ch for details.

On Wednesday afternoon (July 13, 2017), conference participants will depart for an excursion in the nearby mountains. This excursion is ideal for hiking lovers and offers a spectacular panorama over the Lake Maggiore. The trip to Cardada and Cimetta mountains (1400 - 1700 m) is done by cable car and offers a spectacular 360° panoramic view over the Lake Maggiore. Hikes to the nearby Cima della Trosa (1900 m) are possible. The excursion is followed by a conference dinner in a local restaurant Grotto Broggini. Participants will need to sign up for the excursion and conference dinner as part of the hotel booking procedure.

For the booking procedure at http://shop.monteverita.org/, you will need the conference code obtained through registration.

  1. First, you will be asked to purchase the meals including the conference dinner and book the conference excursion. Note that one cannot sign up for the excursion on site during the conference. It is also highly recommended to take all meals at Restaurant Monte Verità, even if you are staying at an external hotel.
  2. Thereafter, you will have the option of booking a hotel room at the Hotel Monte Verita. To book a shared double room with a colleague, both names must be mentioned at the time of booking. The rooms via this platform can be booked only for the time of the conference.

A graphic representation of the abstract submission, registration, and booking procedure is shown below. For exact dates, see also the deadlines page.