Isotopes 2017

The Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Stable Isotope Sciences

We are happy to continue the tradition of biannual meetings of the stable isotope community and annonce the 2017 edition! Over the recent years, applications of stable isotope tools have proliferated due to the unique insights provided by this approach, improved and affordable instrumentation and measurement schemes, as well as a better understanding of the isotope effects of fundamental physical and chemical processes that lead to the observable isotope fractionation.

This meeting will cover stable isotope related topics from various scientific disciplines including Chemistry, Biology, Medicine & Forensics, Earth/Planetary Sciences & Biogeochemistry, Ecology, as well as Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology to share insights and approaches of mutual interest and to promote exchange across disciplinary boundaries.

Scientific program & Organziers

This conference is organized by international team of researchers including Thomas Hofstetter (Environmental Chemistry, Eawag), Stefano Bernasconi (Biogeochemistry, ETH Zürich), Rolf Siegwolf (Ecology, PSI Villigen), Ariel Anbar (Earth Sciences, Arizona State University), Lynn Kamerlin (Chemistry, Uppsala University), Martin Elsner (Environmental Chemistry, Helmholtz Zentrum München), Amnon Kohen (Chemistry/Enzymology, University of Iowa). The organizers are putting together an outstanding program of presentations as well as Isotope Lectures, dedicated to the education of the participants in specialized approaches in stable isotope research.

Conference format

Following the format of a Gordon Research Conference, this conference will be set up to combine high-quality invited and contributed oral presentations including stable isotope lectures as well as extensive time for poster sessions, personal interactions, and networking. The conference will start on Sunday evening (July 9, 2017) and end on Friday morning (July 14, 2017).

Monte Verità - The venue

The historic conference center located at the Monte Verità in Ascona, Switzerland, provides a campus-like infrastructure, ideal for an inspiring atmosphere. Certainly one of the most beautiful scientific meeting places in the world!


Congressi Stefano Franscini
ETH Zürich
Swiss National Science Foundation


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